Menu Planning and Proposals

Chef Haus will collaborate with you, the client, on a custom-curated menu proposal based on the information provided. For quality control purposes, the Chef asks that the client/chef correspondence be in writing via email. Proposals are to be confirmed on your service date. 

Menu planning, correspondence, travel fees, cleaning and the sourcing of ingredients are included in the client’s quote. All the agreed upon menu items are subject to change from the initial menu due to ingredient availability, quality, or other unforeseeable factors. The chef sources organic ingredients first, then local/sustainable from Whole Foods Market. Some cases, it is necessary to supplement ingredients from your neighborhood grocery stores, specialty food stores, and farmers markets.


Chef will promptly arrive at your home at the agreed-upon time on the agreed-upon date(s). The chef will need full access to the cooking area for an estimated 2-5 hours. Please make your home accessible to the chef on the scheduled cook-date. 

Clients, children, pets and other distractions should be out of the kitchen area on all scheduled cook-dates. Respectfully request that the client allow Chef to perform their professional services without interruption.


Please provide advanced notice if you choose to cancel a cook-date. Cancellation occurring 72 hours before the Event will result in a total forfeiture of payment made. Late cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of your total amount due. 

Home Kitchens

Chef Haus takes great pride in his work and promises to respect you, your home, and your equipment. Please make sure your kitchen area is clean and ready on the scheduled cook-date. 

Please leave plenty of counter space and or work surface area. If the Chef arrives at an unsuitable workspace, Chef will document the area with a photo(s) and a cleaning fee of $100 may be added to the invoice for that service date. The $100 cleaning fee is to be paid in full before proceeding with service.

If the kitchen does not meet basic health code standards ( i.e., no running water, no electricity, etc. ) The chef will not proceed with services; you will be charged a day-rate of $300 and reimbursed the remaining balance after food cost.

Invoice and Payment Options

Advance payments by debit or credit card can be made through Square online.
Invoices are sent from TheChefHaus LLC via email. Services are to be paid in full and in advance.

If you have questions or would like to request additional information regarding Personal Chef Service, contact: